Our Practice Profile

The Firm engages lawyers who are smart and academically accomplished, but other qualities are just as important.

We are most interested in the total contribution a staff can make to our firm. We value diverse backgrounds and experience, intellectual curiosity, emotional maturity, stamina and loyalty, in addition to a solid academic record.

We have always stressed individual responsibility, and our policy is to give lawyers direct responsibility for work assignments and for contact with clients as soon as they are ready. To be successful at our Firm, a lawyer must be comfortable working in an informal environment and have the initiative and imagination to deal with novel legal issues.

The ability to speak a foreign language or an interest in international practice is not a prerequisite for engagement.

Our promotions are based on merit, and our partners are elected by their peers, based on their overall performance and contributions to the firm.

The quality of our people defines the quality of our firm. So we invest in people -frequently even before they begin their formal careers with the Firm.

Opportunities Once You Begin;

Talent Management, Continuous learning and personal and professional growth are implicit in a successful career with the Firm. We offer a rich continuum of development and skill building programs to all of our lawyers from new associates through experienced practitioners.

Programs range from continuing education programs at the local level to in-house partner training to leading business school management training for lawyers in executive roles. Client secondments, associate exchanges between Balondemu, WAYMO Advocates locations, and firm-sponsored graduate studies also are available.

Our programs include:

  • Technical learning – We offer regular courses and seminars both at the local level and organized and presented by our global and regional practice groups. In addition to building technical skills in areas of value, these training sessions’ help our people get to know fellow practitioners on a personal level and build the professional relationships that are vital to success.
  • Practical learning – We have always known that the personal relationships of our lawyers are essential to our success. Each year, we bring many of our associates together in regional meetings to get to know each other and learn about the firm, our clients and practices. These sessions include training in practical skills.
  • Academic learning – We appreciate the value outside learning brings to our firm. So, each year we provide leaves of absence and scholarships to qualified associates so they can pursue post-graduate studies.
  • International experience – In addition to regional associate meetings, our Associate Training Program enables promising associates to spend between six and twenty months working in another location within the firm’s associated networks. Short-term secondments and regional exchanges are also available.