Alex Candia

Candia Alex

Candia is an advocate of the Courts of Judicature of Uganda. He is known by many in the legal fraternity as an eminent litigation lawyer. Candia is a prominent commercial lawyer with particular interest in the law of Banking and Finance, Procurement, Contracts, Capital Markets, Insurance, Intellectual Property, Company Law, Divestiture, International trade, International law, Mergers and Acquisitions among others.

Apart from general practice, Candia is also interested in Land transactions, Human Rights, Natural Resources, Environment and Civil litigation. He is well entrenched in Commercial Banking litigation including litigations against Banks and other lending institutions in Uganda. Together with Oundo David Wandera, Candia has successfully represented clients against Crane Bank and are currently representing another client against Centenary Bank, Orient Bank, Tropical Bank, Eco Bank, Diamond Trust Bank, Bank of Africa, DFCU Bank and Stanbic Bank.

Candia has been handling mortgage transactions including preparing, reviewing and registering mortgages on behalf of money lending Institutions including recovery of outstanding mortgage debts on behalf of the lending Institutions. Candia has sufficient experience in commercial banking law and practices.

Candia also has particular interest in International and National Commercial Arbitration. He preciously practiced with Mpeirwe & Co. Advocates from 2009-2010 as a legal Assistant, with Web Advocates and Solicitors from 2010-2011 before liaising with Balondemu David and Oundo David Wandera to start Balondemu, Candia & Wandera Advocates from 2012-2015 as a Senior Partner and currently with WAYMO Advocates (formerly Candia & D.W Oundo Advocates) 2016 as a Senior Partner.

He is also a member of the East African Law Society and Uganda Law Society.


Obbo Henry Okumu
LLB Hons (MAK), Dip. LP (LDC), Oil & Gas Contracting (ILI), Oil & Gas Legislation & Agreements (RIPA(U), International Petroleum, Oil & Gas (Smart Kencets Technology, USA), Public Private Partnerships (PPP).

Tebagana George
LLM (Trade & Investment), LLB Hons. (MAK) Dip. LP (LDC)