Oundo David Wandera

Oundo David Wandera

Wandera is an advocate of Courts of Judicature in Uganda and a partner. His areas of practice traverse across all areas of law but he has special interest in Commercial law including Insurance, Banking and Finance, Company law, Intellectual Property, Contract, International trade, Real estates, Mergers and Acquisitions, Privatization, etc

Apart from handling Commercial Banking litigation, Wandera has been handling mortgage transactions on behalf of our numerous clients including preparation, review and registration of mortgages and similar charges on securities as well as investigating security titles.
He has also handled intellectual property business for international clients both in United Arab Emirates and China and he is also these clients’ trademark agent in Uganda. Wandera is also well grounded in civil litigation, land transaction, bankruptcy and the law of insolvency, Human Rights and the law of succession among several other disciplines.

Before joining, WAYMO Advocates at its inception, Wandera was practicing with Andrew & Frank Advocates, Balondemu, Candia & Wandera Advocates and presently with WAYMO Advocates (formerly Candia & D.W Oundo Advocates).
He is also a member of the East African Law Society and Uganda Law Society.


Obbo Henry Okumu
LLB Hons (MAK), Dip. LP (LDC), Oil & Gas Contracting (ILI), Oil & Gas Legislation & Agreements (RIPA(U), International Petroleum, Oil & Gas (Smart Kencets Technology, USA), Public Private Partnerships (PPP).

Tebagana George
LLM (Trade & Investment), LLB Hons. (MAK) Dip. LP (LDC)